Viru Käsitöö Salong

In 1996 the souvenir shop Viru Käsitöö Salong was opened in Rakvere, Estonia where You can buy the wide variety of Estonian national handicraft. We offer textile items, ceramics, jewelry, wood and leather items, souvenirs and handicraft materials from more than 250 producers from all over Estonia.

We design national textiles like dresses, jackets, sweaters, socks, mittens, gloves, hats, scarfs etc. In our designs we prefer natural materials – wool, linen and cotton and we always take account of our customer needs.

In our souvenir shop Viru Käsitöö Salong in Rakvere one can experience an exhibition of folk costumes from Virumaa county which can help you to understand the variety of folk costumes better and perhaps also inspire you to order a set for yourself.

In our souvenir shop there is always a selection of readymade folk costumes parts like skirt fabrics, belts, footwear, jewelry, scarfs etc. ready for you to buy.

Viru Käsitöö salong

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